Katharina Aigner feat. Anna Barfuss, Nadine Fraczkowski, Josefin Granqvist

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I´d like to film there, in my own style of documentary bordering on fiction.
I´d like to shoot everything. Everything that moves me. Faces, streets, cars going by and buses, train stations and plains, rivers and oceans, streams and books, trees and forests, fields and factories and yet more faces.
(from: Chantal Akerman, too far too close, Catalogue, Ludion 2012, p.21)




We digged in our archives. You´ll see short clips, fragments, excerpts, sequences from our daily lives, filmed with our phones during travels, in passing; 
originally not meant to become proper video works these flickering, pixelated, sometimes shaky images, in and out of focus, high sized, show places, strangers, 
intimates, dogs, Laura Mulvey, my sister, mountains, valleys and more. An attempt to expand the projection screen, to look behind and to experience powerful outlooks.
Katharina Aigner, based in Vienna, is mainly concerned with moving image.
Besides her own artistic practice she´s regularly initiating and curating video and film programs.
Anna Barfuss works predominantly with video and text. She is currently writing her dissertation in cultural studies, which deals with hyperfeminine performances in
video and sound. On occasion, she also curates exhibitions that present moving images and sound-based works in various spaces and formats.
Nadine Fraczkowski is a photographer living and working between Paris and Berlin.
Josefin Granqvist is a looker and a romantisizist, carrying with her an ever extensive archive of partly populated fragments and physical factoids.
She was born in Southern Sweden and her back is sore. (no known home)



Mit dieser Eröffnung gibt A307 ein weiteres mal die Auswahl der ausstellenden Künstlerin ab. Die im Juli 2017 gezeigte Künstlerin – Lisa Kortschak – hat Katharina Aigner ausgewählt.

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